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Set of rules players must follow

General Rules

These are basic rules that apply to both our forums and our network.

  1. Maintain a peaceful and clean environment through chat, excessive swearing and/or spam is NOT permitted.
  2. Avoid using all CAPS. (Our systems are able to detect it and will put it in lowercase, but there are loopholes)
  3. Try to speak in English/use proper grammar to help your peers understand you a bit better.
  4. Do not provide links to Objectionable Material, this results in a permanent ban and CANNOT be appealed for. We don't encourage it, nor do we allow it.
  5. Do not impersonate a staff member or a player.
  6. Follow instructions that a staff member gives, they are here to help, not destroy.
  7. If have found a staff member doing something wrong, or at least you know for sure is wrong, report the issue privately to an Operator due to the situation involving a staff member.
  8. Do not advertise.

 Warning  Violation of any rules listed above may result in consequences depending on its severity.

In-Game Rules

  1. Do not use hacks of any type (Kill aura, Auto clicker, X-ray, Better Sprinting, Aimbot, etc.) they're endowed to make the game less fun :'(.
  2. Do not raid(grief) your team's supply/resources, they are there for not just yourself, but your team-mates.
  3. Do not encourage other players to violate our rules.
  4. Use an appropriate skin, you'll be kicked for it.
  5. Inappropriate IGN's are not allowed, we'll ask you to change it by switching accounts, or give a temporary nickname if it holds up. Not necessarily ban-worthy.

Forum Rules

  1. Do not necro-post, please look at the dates of the thread/posts before replying. If you are contributing to the topic, you are allowed to "bump" the thread.
  2. Do not engage in conversations that involve spam, the thread will eventually be locked.
  3. Do not discuss bans or any other types of infractions, as they can start a flame war.
  4. Do not make threads that insult other users. We want to keep the community as clean as possible.
  5. If you've made a thread/post that involves criticism, we allow that with the exception of it having to be delivered with politeness.
  6. Under certain exceptions, you are allowed to make threads to whereas you're going to leave/quit the server, but to avoid dramatic responses, the staff will lock it soon after. The forums are to discuss the game mechanics, and such.

If you feel that a thread and/or post(s) are not following our forum rules, do not hesitate to report it. False reports will result with an infraction. The staff tend to do what they feel is right, and in the end, they are.

Client Modifications

We do allow a few Client Modifications which allow you to enhance your client, but nothing over the top. Be aware that any client modifcations that give you a higher advantage over vanilla users is not allowed, and will be handled promptly. Below is a list of client mods you can use.

  1. ArmorStatusHUD/StatusEffectHUD
  2. Optifine
  3. Texture Packs

 Warning  Rules are subject to change with or without notice.