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We're Back! Started by 69e

Hello everyone,

I am proud to announce that we will be able to open ahead of schedule. The operators have decided it was a good idea due to all the excitement in the community for this launch. The launch will be on January 17th 12:00 am (EST) a.k.a midnight. We are very proud to be releasing earlier than expected, and can't wait to see all you online. I would like to personally thank all the staff for working around the clock to get this launch underway, and we are able to go out early. We will actually be opening now (after this announcement, but the Official launch is at midnight) with all this excitement. If you are interested in purchasing the NEW donator ranks, they can be found on our shop (link will soon be We have setup a voting page if you would like to vote, the operators are going to reward the person with the most votes at the end of the month with a cool surprise. The IP to the server is Hope to see you on!



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