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Moving on Started by bloodsplat


I think some of you already caught on and saw this coming. I honestly tried avoiding this, but at this point we have no choice.

When I created MCVerge back in late 2014, I really didn't think that it would advance to what it has become. I didn't think that creating a minecraft server would somehow encourage me to pursue a career I previously had minimal interest in. Over the years, we’ve advanced and have truly been able to stand out with our unique infrastructure, and it's certainly been a pleasure to have been apart of it all. 

In the recent months, it has become increasingly difficult to continue financing the network. Previously, I had worked as a freelance web developer and created/designed websites for people as a source of income. I no longer have the time to work as a freelancer, the server also no longer recieves income. With no source of revenue, we are unfortunately unable to continue funding nor continue expanding the network. Since our inception, it's been our goal to provide quality gameplay on high quality servers. While we could economize and downgrade our infrastructure, that would defeat the purpose of why we were created in the first place. There's no point in keeping the server online utilizing cheap and unpredictable infrastructure.

What led to our downfall occurred during this past summer. In July we decided to shut off the servers for about 2 weeks in preparation for a "major" update, which was the server release. The release happened about 5 months late...and by then we had already lost a significant part of our community. Before this "temporary" closure, we were peaking at around 30 players and had the opportunity for growth. Since we released, which was less than a month ago, we've been struggling to regain the strength that we had just months earlier. It hurts to see the network at a constant decline and so much potential being thrown away.

Since Mojang's decision to gut 1.7/1.8-style pvp completely, we haven't been fond of Minecraft's continued course of development. The competitive minecraft community is at an all time low, and I am certain that it's on a continuous decline. Having to support 1.7+ has proven to be quite difficult and ineffective. With the 1.13 update coming out shortly, I figured it's time for us to part from Minecraft and move on to pursue other interests. Xesau, Snepaipai, Spartanblaze, e_is_cool, and myself will all be stepping down ‪on December 31st, 2017‬.

Seeing Overcast Network, and now Avicus Network shutdown is devastating considering that these were 2 networks that we looked up to and had inspired the creation of MCVerge. It also further proves my point about the direction Minecraft is heading altogether.

MCVerge is certainly capable of seeing growth, but due to past decisions we've made and the direction Minecraft is heading, we aren't able to make that happen.

Before we part, I just want to say thank you to everyone who made us who we are (and that includes past staff members).


Will you be shutting down? As of now, we're trying to avoid this by transferring ownership of the network to someone more capable/dedicated than we are.

Will staff keep their positions? Yes. It’s their choice to decide to resign.

What about the current application pool? I’ll choose who will be promoted before we leave. Applicants can choose to withdraw their applications.

Who will be the new owner? We have yet to come to a consensus on that, we'll update you when that happens

What if you aren't able to transfer ownership by December 31st? We are able to keep the server up for a couple more months, and I'll retain ownership until we are able to find someone more capable. No further updates will be made to the network

In the case that you do shutdown, what will happen to your source code/website/discord? As of now, we have no intention of open-sourcing anything. If that changes, I'll update you on that. The website will likely remain online for several more months and the discord will remain online as of now. Again, we may decide against that.

In the case that you do shutdown, will you refund donations? We haven't had any donations since June, so no.


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