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MCVerge Has Officially Been Released! Started by bloodsplat

Welcome back to MCVerge!

It's been a good 5+ months since we were last online to the public, and I truly apologize for this. The said release was not intended to take long, but as I've stated earlier, it was due to bad coordination and poor planning efforts on my part. After the first 2 failed attempts of releasing, we were leaning towards shutting down the network as we believed that the community had already derailed. However, despite being offline for months, we've had many players ask us when we're going to release. The fact that many of our players still came back to see the state of the network means a lot, and thus we've decided to carry out this release.

We've worked on improving our newest addition to MCVerge, PracticePvP. We've designed it to be as configurable as possible, not just for us, but for our players and map makers. In fact, we want our community to be in charge of the gamemode. We want to hear your feedback and suggestions to help us improve it. We're working on adding a bunch of kits in the next few days, as well as many more maps. If you'd like to help out be sure to check our documentation:

W're introducing Nimbus 2.0: we've revamped the entire system. This includes numerous performance and game-changing improvements, along with the addition of some new gamemodes. We've backported Nimbus to support 1.7.10-1.12.x. It now supports all versions pretty well, and we intend on continuing to improve the system.

Furthermore, we're in the works of developing a new forum software (courtesy of @Xesau). While our current software serves us well, it will not support us in the long run. We intend on releasing the new website in the next few weeks. It will have a lot of new features that'll make it easier on our end, and convenient for you.

Keep in mind that although we're releasing as "MCVerge 1.0", this does not mean that we're anywhere close to being complete. We'll continue improving the server through the addition of new gamemodes, bug fixes, etc.

To conform to the holiday spirit, we've given our network a bit of a Christmas twist and have added our holiday map pool/lobby. We do have a mini-competition coming up in a few weeks, so keep an eye out for it.

Going forward, we have many plans, ideas, and events that we want to carry out in the future and we hope you'll continue to stick around for them.

Enjoy, and happy holidays!

- The MCVerge Staff Team

P.S. The whole network has been backported to support 1.7.10-1.12.x. :D

P.P.S Huge thanks to @GetZeus and @MarthMoney for pushing for release


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