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Acquisition of Network

A brief introduction to the new server owner and a reflection about the future of MCVerge

My name is McFarlin, a former server administrator here on MCVerge. I worked in the marketing and community management departments, before being forcibly removed from the staff team, at which point I broke ties with the server. In light of the recent turmoil surrounding the server’s sale, I decided I want to try to leave a footprint on the server’s future. My passion and child-like enthrallment for the PGM community has brought me back full circle, and with my recent acquisition of MCVerge, I'm hoping to reengage with the community I've grown to be apart of.

In light of the fact the server has undergone a constant ebb and flow of inactivity, spanning across its development and even after its release, there's no guaranteeing what direction MCVerge will follow. I’d like to introduce an alternative mode of thinking. Rather than specifying a set release date, or including any other preconditions, I've met with the previous server owners and decided to close off development until Summer time, at which point we intend to press forward with development on full-throttle.

I know there’s probably a slew of questions floating around as to whether current staff members will keep their ranks or what this means for the future of the server as a whole. I also recognize that I have some relationships to mend and other progress to make with the community. Just know that this message is marking the beginning of a conversation and nothing I mentioned is set in stone.

I look forward to the possibilities of the future.